Vivera Pharmaceuticals
Covid-19 Rapid Test

An Effective On Site Screening Test


A lateral flow assay designed to detect IgM and/or IgG antibodies.

Less Invasive

No uncomfortable nasal swab required.


Designed for immediate results on site. No third party lab necessary.


The IgM and IgG assays are able to determine immune response.


The test is restricted to use by healthcare professionals in CLIA certified settings only.

The use of the rapid test makes testing easier and more efficient for doctors, hospitals, and approved COVID–19 triage centers. This is due to the quick and easy identification of antibodies caused by the infection with SARS–CoV–2, which allows our test to provide to a clear distinction between acute or previously infected and non-infected patients.

The test is easy to read and requires no additional equipment. The appearance of a purplish-red line at the lgM marker alone indicates the presence of the IgM antibody, suggesting an early infection stage (within the past 4 to 10 days). A purplish-red line appearing at the lgG marker (alone or in addition to lgM) indicates the presence of lgG, suggesting a later infection phase (within the past 11 to 24 days) or a past infection.

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