Tribal Partners

Vivera Pharmaceuticals is committed to meeting the unique needs of our Tribal Partners. We have worked extensively to develop a supportive infrastructure of experts to provide the most up–to–date and detailed information possible. The documents posted on this page are for reference uses by Tribal Nations, their healthcare practitioners, and the groups that serve them.

Due to the current volume of inquires, Vivera has dedicated an in-house staff to serve our Tribal Partners. Please utilize the form at the bottom of this page to have a member of our team contact you in a timely manner. For urgent inquiries, you are welcome to call our offices at (844) 484-8372, and request to speak with our Tribal Nations team.

Our team is able to answer frequently asked questions via e-mail as well. You may submit questions to

Vivera is unable to offer medical advice or treatment plans. The Vivera Pharmaceuticals CoV-2 Rapid Test is distributed in accordance with the most recent FDA guidance. An Emergency Use Authorization has been filed with the FDA and notification submitted.

Additional Resources

Resources from the National Academy of Medicine

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